Here are some reasons why our customers LOVE Orak!

Manage internet access for all the devices (including Xbox & PlayStation) in your home.

Manage when the kids have internet access.

Manage Homework time with limited access to some services (social networking etc)

Block unwanted websites for the whole household, or on a per-user-basis

Block unwanted services such as Skype, P2P, Torrents and VPN’s – on a per user, or for the whole household.

Intuitive management interface.

Easy to install with step-by-step guide.

Reward users with extra internet time.

Easily setup multiple users on multiple devices.

Affordable monthly fee, no contracts or cancellation charges.

Have different sets of rules for weekdays, weekends, and school holidays.

Easy to use ‘guest’ accounts when friends or family visit and want to access the internet.