ORAK lets you control your internet access. Manage what kids can see and when they can see it.

Do you have kids in your house using laptops, computers, online gaming systems, smart phones and tablet devices? As a parent, we are continuously protecting our children. Free reign on the internet is something that sends most parents to panic station. That is where we come in…

Orak have initiated a system that effectively allows you to manage modern broadband. You can manage what your kids can view and when. The system is based around different users and different devices. It allows you to manage what devices can be used, at what times of the day, and what they can access. Don’t want your children to be able to use Facebook and other social media site during homework time 4pm-6pm? Using the intuitive management interface enter this rule on the users calendar and know that when they are sitting in their room on their laptop they are learning ABCs not tagging, stalking and posting.

It is 100% customised to suit your family’s needs. If you want to limit gaming on the Xbox and PlayStation to the weekends, search the user in the portal and easily assign this rule to them.

ORAK is a physical security device that controls internet access for all devices in your home. Manage when your kids have access to the internet and what they can do.

Manage when the kids have full internet access or restricted access

During homework time – block social networking etc

Setup is super easy, and comes with a easy to follow setup guide. Simply replace your existing broadband wireless router with ORAK’s new proprietary router.

Multiple users monitored over multiple devices – Computers, TV’s, Gaming Consoles, Tablets and Phones.

September Special: NO SIGN UP FEE

Just $9.95/month or $109.95/year*

Includes GST. Cancel anytime with 1 months notice. $99 sign-up fee. * Save 10% by paying annually.

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